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Free Deliveries on orders over £125
Free Deliveries on orders over £125

The WineKraft Bi-Monthly Wine Box Subscription

We absolutely love a wine subscription. It is the best way to experience the joys of WineKraft is its fullest capacity. It also allows us to plan and support our suppliers in the best way.

We have created 2 very different options for our wonderful customers.

  • For those that don't have the time or inclination to choose their wines, we have created the bi-monthly wine box scheme. All you need to do is sign up and we send you 12 bottles of hand-picked wine every 2 months. Always amazing, always tasty and always brilliant value. £150 every 2 months.
  • For the wine connoisseurs our there we have created our Edinburgh Insider Wine Club. For a monthly subscription of £14.99 you are granted access to our entire cellars for a whopping 25% wholesale discount. This means you can drink your favourite wines for less. 

You choose which suits you best. Hit subscribe today and start on your amazing wine journey.

Graeme's Picks

The founder and inspiration behind WineKraft and Good Brothers Wine Bar, Graeme has over 23 years of industry experience, from winemaking to wholesale and importing. 

Wine should be enjoyed all the time. There should be no snobbishness around it. He is just as happy glugging an everyday bottle of Garnacha from La Mancha as he is glugging a fine wine. 

His desert island grapes would probably be Riesling and Pinot Noir (but please don't ask him to choose. He loves them all)


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