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Free Deliveries on orders over £125

Columbia Valley Riesling, Ch Ste Michelle, Washington State, USA

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Style - White, off-dry, medium-bodied

Winemaking - Columbia Valley vineyards lie in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains and receive just 6-8 inches of rainfall annually. Warm, sunny days and cool evening temperatures create ideal conditions for intense aroma and flavor development in the ripening grapes. A northerly latitude gives the Columbia Valley nearly two more hours of sunlight daily during the peak-growing season than California, increasing the region’s ability to ripen fruit.

Fermentation temperatures were maintained at 13°-15°C to preserve the Riesling’s fresh and fruity character, using an assortment of yeasts for added complexity. 

Taste - Easy-drinking Riesling from Columbia Valley's oldest winery, with apple blossom on the nose, crisp apples in the mouth and a fine, steely minerality.

Dietary - 
ABV - 12%

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