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Free Deliveries on orders over £125

Creme De Pinot Noir Pet Nat, Petr Korab, Czech Republic

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Country - Czech Rep

Region - Moravia

Grapes - Pinot Noir

Style - Pet Nat (red)

ABV - 12%

Petr Korab’s Creme de Pinot Noir 2021 Brut, from one of the most exciting natural winemakers of Moravia, Czech Republic, is here. As Petr says on the back label, “Pulp of litchi, red grapefruit and a puff of sage leaves.” This is what thirst quenching dreams are made of! 😄 At this moment, given the heat, all we can think of reaching out for is easy drinking yet so moreish, chilled deliciousness like this Pinot Noir Pet Nat.

Like all of Petr’s wines, his judgement of fruit and balancing the fun element yet with something that can be so poised, elegant and nuanced is a great testament to his knowledge and skills.

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