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Free Deliveries on orders over £125 - 10% Discount on cases of 6+ wines

Ferlat Grame Malvasia 2020 Bianco

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Style –Dry, Orange, medium bodied
Grapes – Malvasia Istriana
Region –Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Winemaking - After destemming-crushing, the crushed grapes (must and skins) are transferred to concrete tanks where alcoholic fermentation begins using indigenous yeasts (present on the grape skins and in the cellar). Maceration lasts 15 days during which punching down is carried out to immerse the cap and keep the skins moist. At the end of the contact, it is drawn off and the skins undergo a slight pressure to extract the small part of juice trapped in them. At this point, the wine in fermentation is decanted into used barriques and tonneaux where it completes the alcoholic fermentation. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation the malolactic fermentation takes place with indigenous bacteria. Subsequently, the fine lees are mixed continuously for about 11 months. After this period, the various barriques are blended and placed together for about a month before bottling, which usually takes place in December, in the year following the harvest.

What it tastes like - Intense golden straw yellow colour, Complex, with body and body, it has a bouquet with a high range of aromas and an accentuated note of typical spices of the variety and grape.

Dietary – Organic / Natural
ABV – 13%