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Free Deliveries on orders over Β£125

Karim Vionnet Chenas

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Style – Dry, Red, Medium Bodied
Grapes – Gamay
Region – Beaujolais, France

Winemaking - Karim utilizes full carbonic maceration in fermentation, and he does not use oak barrels on any of his wines except for his Fleurie and Chiroubles. To ensure that his wines can be safely made with only a minimum amount of added sulphur, Karim keeps his tanks airtight during fermentation and maturation, only releasing the carbon dioxide moments before bottling. He feels that this, coupled with careful natural temperature control, preserves the fruit and purity of his Gamay grapes. Unnecessary intervention, both in the vineyard and during fermentation, are avoided, emphasizing high quality and terroir driven wines.

What it tastes like - Bright red fruit, soft, grippy tannins, this is a grownups Beaujolais.

Dietary – Organic
ABV – 13.5%

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