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Free Deliveries on orders over £125

Magula - Carboniq - 2022

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Embracing 100% Carbonic Maceration, whole grape bunches are fermented in a CO2-rich environment before crushing. Two weeks later, the grapes are pressed. This wine is crafted unfined, unfiltered, and with minimal sulphur.

For two generations, the Magula family has farmed biodynamically in the Rose and the Wolf valleys of Sucha. These valleys boast deep loess soils rich in minerals, where scarce rainfall forces the vines to delve deep, absorbing the earth's essence. Abundant sunshine ensures the vines achieve perfect ripeness.

Region: Little Carpathians , Slovakia

Grape: Modry Portugal (Blauer Portugieser)

Tasting: A sensory delight, bursting with dark cherries and plums, interwoven with a herbal essence. Its close relationship to Gamay is unmistakable, delivering a lively, fresh flavour profile.