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Free Deliveries on orders over £125
Free Deliveries on orders over £125

Local Legends

We’re lucky enough to source and import our wines from all over the globe! However, we think it’s equally important to support our local suppliers and producers. Below is an incomplete list of our Local Legends who supply us with non-wine-y goods, in no particular order...

Boozy offerings:

Electric Spirits
Kicking off in 2014, Electric Spirits co was the first distillery in Leith since the close of Melrose Dover some 40 years prior. Designer turned distiller James creates one of our most popular gins “Achroous,” with its distinctive orange bottle.

With community and sustainability in mind, the lovely folk at Sweetdram believe that good whisky is for sharing. Their spirits are sometimes very small batch, but they are always big on flavour and quality.

Pilot Beer
Homebrewers turned craft beer pioneers, Pilot Beers are located in the heart of Leith and supplying us with an ever growing range of exciting and tasty brews. They put their heart and soul into their company, as well as into each beer they produce.  

Donzoko began their brewing journey down south, but have recently transplanted to Edinburgh and we couldn’t be happier to have them nearby to supply us with tasty beers in a big can!

Campervan Brewery
Campervan are a brewery with a passion for quality beer and a thirst for travel. We love that their beers are inspired by their travels, using ingredients directly from their source.”

Non-Alcoholic offerings:

Talonmore Spirits

Brewed with 100% Scottish tap water and 0% abv. The Talonmore name derives from the strength of an eagle and its touch point with the land’s natural ingredients. Such a great non-alc alternative.

Brulo Beer
The wide open eye represents being fully awakened - present - sober. Brulo regularly pushes boundaries in the brewing industry to produce a diverse range of 0% beers.

JumpShip Brewing

Winner of best no and low alcohol lager in the World Beer Awards 2021 after around a year of brewing, JumpShip are doing great things as well as great beers. They’ve also committed at least 10% of their profits to charities. Which we love!

The Palmerston

With the help of Farr Out Deliveries we get fresh bread from Tuesday to Saturday. It is even still warm by the time it arrives. The Palmerston is a great wee restaurant up near Haymarket, with a menu that changes daily, and the best bread in Edinburgh.

Coco Chocolatier
Challenging industry norms, they begin the making of the chocolate at origin before passionately transforming it in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a result, more wealth remains within developing economies. Just delicious!