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Free Deliveries on orders over £125

Syfany - The Beast - 2020

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Experience a bold and innovative Czech blend marrying Gewurtztraminer from the 2020 harvest with Chardonnay from 2016. The Gewurtztraminer undergoes a full month of skin contact, while the Chardonnay enjoys just a day, resulting in a harmonious fusion of white and orange wine characteristics. Maturation takes place for a year in a combination of local acacia and oak barrels, allowing flavours to intertwine and tannins to soften. Concentrated yet supple tannins accompany notes of peach, orange, exotic fruits, and baking spices, culminating in a medium-bodied wine with ample acidity. Perfect for pairing with spicy or boldly flavoured dishes.

Syfany, a Czech winery committed to local sourcing, utilizes acacia wood from their region for barrel aging. Embracing a natural approach, they employ native yeasts and minimal sulfur during bottling, if any. Renowned for their experimental ethos, Syfany employs diverse grape varieties, vineyard plots, and vintages to craft distinctive and captivating wines that defy convention.

Origin: Moravia, Czech Republic
Vintage: 2020/2016
Grape Variety: Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay
Food Pairing: Spicy dishes, Thai or Indian cuisine.