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Get To Know Riesling

Get To Know Riesling

Get To Know Riesling


What is it?

Riesling is an aromatic white grape that can make complex wines with floral, citrus and stone fruit character.  Riesling can be made in a range of styles from bone dry to sweet dessert wines.


Where is it grown?

Originating in the Rhine, Germany Riesling has travelled far and wide.  Riesling has now found homes in Western Australia, California, South Africa and even Canada.  Canada is particularly renowned for its production of Riesling as Ice Wine.  


What does it taste like?

When grown in warmer climates such as California and Australia the wine shows more stone and tropical fruits.  In cooler regions such Alsace and Mosel the wines display a more pronounced acidity and notes of citrus and minerality that add to the complexity.  Exceptional examples of Riesling can age for many years and develop aromas of diesel and kerosine.


What does it pair with?

Crisp, cool climate Rieslings will pair well with strong cheeses, seafood and mushroom risotto.  Warmer climate or off-dry Rieslings compliment spicy food such as Thai or Indian curries beautifully.  Some of the very sweet styles can be used as a dessert wine.


Fun Fact:

Riesling is one of the world’s oldest known grapes. The first recorded text to reference Riesling was in 1435 which is two centuries before Sauvignon Blanc. 

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