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Free Deliveries on orders over £125

Sortevera Tinto - Tenerife, Spain

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Style – Dry, Red, Medium Bodied
Grapes – Moscatel Negra, Mulata, Tintilla
Region – Tenerife, Spain

Winemaking - A new venture between viticulturist Jose Angel Alonso Ramos and Jonathan Garcia Lima of Suertes del Marques in Tenerife. The grapes are from a field blend of grapes from organically grown bush vines in the Taganana. A limited amount of wine, 1300 bottles, has been produced and it is difficult wine to get hold off. Most wine from the Canaries stays on the islands and is drunk by locals and tourists alike.

What it tastes like - This wine is vinified from a field blend of grapes including Moscatel Negra. Mulata, Tintilla just to name a few. It is naturally fermented in full bunches. Oak aged for 9 months the tannins are grippy and the flavour incredible. Black pepper comes though on the palate and ripe fruits on the nose. This wine has more punch than you would expect considering the alcohol content.
Enjoy with game or charcuterie.

Dietary – Organic Practising
ABV – 12.5%